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UK destinations - the importance of being EV ready


Electric vehicles

It’s clear to us that there are a huge number of sectors and environments that will benefit from FlexiSolar solar carports – not least holiday destinations and leisure attractions.


Being EV ready will help make these places a destination of choice thanks to their electric vehicle charging options. On the back of a day at the Holiday Park Show at the NEC in Birmingham on Wednesday 8th November, FlexiSolar’s Head of Sales Guy Morrison gives us his view.


Electric vehicles

I have long been a staycation champion, having had plenty of early year’s international travel and longing for the beautiful green British countryside when in warmer climes. I am clearly not alone in preferring holidays closer to home and, with Brexit’s inflationary effect on continental getaways, many more families will be sampling the delights of UK holiday destinations. Rather than driving to the airport where the trusty motor will rest for a fortnight, the family car will be with us throughout our break, whisking occupants from holiday parks, campsites and hotels, to local attractions, theme parks, cinemas, restaurants or to the beach.


These faithful workhorses will increasingly rely on electricity rather than fossil fuel fodder and will gravitate to destinations where they will be well catered for, shaded and cool and topped up with nutritious electrons.


Due to the slightly more common occurrence of holiday maker leg-burn, in the United States and sunnier European locations, as bare legs meet the scorching leather seats of an unshaded vehicle, carports have long been a common and most welcome sight for locals and tourists alike. That wonderful carport innovation has at last come to the UK, bringing with it, in the form of a solar roof and electric vehicle charge-points, a multitude of holiday enhancing benefits.


While away from their home charge-points, it will be even more important for holidaymakers to know their chosen destinations and attractions are EV ready. FlexiSolar offers a range of solar carports with EV charging facilities and even battery storage to help sites manage their consumption. Get in touch with FlexiSolar to find out how we can help prepare your site for the electric revolution.