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FlexiSolar - all about solar at All Energy 2018




With insights on Scotland’s renewables focus and news of an exciting announcement for FlexiSolar, read more from our Business Development Manager, Conal McElroy, based in Scotland.


I’m watching with real interest as to how the focus on renewables is unfolding here in Scotland. Last year, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon shared her desire for Scotland to be a world leader in developing new low carbon energy technologies and embracing social changes that will reduce its emissions.


December 2017 saw the publication of an energy strategy to set out the Scottish Government’s long-term vision for the future energy system in Scotland. And just this week, Energy Digital reported that Scotland met 68.1% of its energy needs through renewable sources in 2017. An impressive figure in its own right and a quarter increase on last year’s figure too. Just three examples showing the Scottish commitments are strong and the progress is fast. 


However, despite huge leaps and clear focus, more education is needed on the ground, with those responsible for land sites and commercial energy usage. Here at FlexiSolar, we’re encouraging businesses to think big, with large scale, onsite, projects to generate power from renewables sources. One of the things stopping progress in this area is that decision makers don’t realise they have the space nor the capital to embark on schemes of this size or nature. That’s where our education starts – they can. Through their car parks – or more specifically, our unique solar carport structures over their carparks, with good return on investment figures and potential funding options available. 


FlexiSolar’s solar carport structures are backed by Innovate UK and enable organisations to generate onsite energy at scale in a renewable form. A clear solution, available right now, to provide reduced costs, revenue generation and energy supply and price security; as well as a premium, weatherproof parking experience for staff or customers. Plus, with the ability to incorporate EV charging points and future proof your carport for additional EVCP (Electric Vehicle Charging Point) infrastructure as demand grows, and the flexibility to integrate a sized battery storage system (for peak shaving benefits), our large scale solar carports can help to prepare sites for the low carbon transport of the future too.   


The conversations I’m having for FlexiSolar, with a multitude of organisations and local authorities in Scotland, show a continuing desire to further move into our renewables future. But, there’s more to be done to demonstrate how large scale, solar carports are a viable part of the solution, as an onsite energy source. That’s why we’ll be exhibiting at All Energy 2018, the flagship energy event taking place in Glasgow on 2nd and 3rd May, to showcase that very point. We’re in a great position; situated on Stand P40, right next to the Low Carbon Transport Zone. And we’ll be in good company, with over 300 exhibitors booked and more than 7500 visitors expected.


I can’t wait to get even more solar carport conversations started at the All Energy event with my FlexiSolar colleagues; we’re all ready! Want to join us as our guest? Register for your free ticket here.


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