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Excitement at EMEX – FlexiSolar commits exhibition support to national energy event



FlexiSolar is proud to announce its support for the 2017 EMEX Exhibition in London from 22-23rd November 2017. This two day Energy Management Exhibition is a national event designed for those who are for responsible for reducing their organisation's energy consumption.


The large scale generation of power through solar energy is an essential development for the future and FlexiSolar welcome the opportunity to talk to a significant number of EMEX attendees on this very subject during the event.




FlexiSolar is positioned at the centre of the three key technologies of the decade - electric vehicle infrastructure, battery energy storage and solar PV from solar carports. Our vision is to integrate these technologies to provide clients with reduced costs, revenue generation, energy security, EV infrastructure and a premium, weather-proof parking experience for staff and customers. EMEX is an event that offers us perfect positioning to the decision makers in today’s UK businesses that are looking to understand tomorrow's energy challenges and opportunities.


Taking a new approach to stand design, at EMEX 2017 FlexiSolar will showcase a life size prototype solar carport, enabling visitors to understand the capabilities of large scale solar carport areas to utilise existing parking areas to generate power without sacrificing valuable land resources. A number of solar panels and vehicle charging points will also be displayed on the stand, as well as detailed datasheets to illustrate the variety of solar carport constructions that are available.


EMEX seeks to establish and build partnerships between businesses, third party intermediaries, training suppliers, government and public bodies to accelerate the adoption and the implementation of energy efficiency measures in order to reduce energy use and carbon emissions. FlexiSolar see EMEX and the organisers at The Energy Management Association as key stakeholders as our innovative business strengthens its established links across the sector.


FlexiSolar’s announcement of its commitment to EMEX 2017 comes on the back of its recent Innovate UK funding and a successful Cambridgeshire office opening last month. With the recent announcement by the current Government to end the production of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040, powering these cars on a large scale will be essential – which is exactly what FlexiSolar solar carports provide. The FlexiSolar team look forward to welcoming Energy Managers from across the country at EMEX 2017.


Post event, Guy Morrison, Sales Director at FlexiSolar said: "Deciding to exhibit at any exhibition represents a substantial commitment of time and resources. There are also environmental considerations in bringing staff from around the UK and, as a renewable energy company, we would like to see venues looking to their CSR and carbon reduction responsibilities. That said, the necessity to demonstrate, be face to face, to see the innovations and capabilities available in the market and to influential representatives of varied and high-profile companies all make a quality exhibition a potentially worthwhile exercise.


FlexiSolar are at the forefront of on-site generation, energy storage and EV infrastructure with our solar carports - and our story didn’t fall on deaf ears at this year’s EMEX. The size of the exhibition was perfect for the busy Energy Manager, Facilities Manager or Sustainability Professional to cover in a day - but if you attended on day one, the temptation to return for day two must have been difficult to ignore.


I had the pleasure of some long and detailed discussions on the need and benefits of integrated solar carport solutions with the types of organisation that have the most to benefit from them. My thanks go to the FlexiSolar team for making it a highly enjoyable two days and to the EMEX organisers for another compelling and informative event."